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The AIRBLOC team consist of experts in data analytics, web development, blockchain, and publishing.

Moreover, in accordance with the revenue distribution algorithms as specified in the smart contract, Users will receive revenues generated from actual data usage or sales. The AIRBLOC ICO is launching at 12 pm (GMT) on 19 June, 2018 and will end at 12 pm (GMT) on 29 June, 2018. Interestingly, Airbloc will become a ‘hybrid-chain’ that uses both the ICON blockchain and Ethereum. The end result would be a completely improved targeted advertising system that fairly distributes profits to both users and advertisers. Strong Partnerships - Even before the ICO ended, leading enterprises in Korea such as GS SHOP has already expressed interest in buying data off Airbloc’s Data Marketplace. Users will also be able to view which data was collected and control the extent to which they would like to sell their data on the AIRBLOC Marketplace.

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  • ICO Period: June 19, 2018 - June 29, 2018

However, these companies often have unreliable data because they do not compensate users.

In Airbloc, ads can become a useful piece of information, not a noise. Advertisers can pay by ABL to purchase data, or pay to run Data Campaigns. 13:11 11 Jun 11:04 11 Jun Dear Airblocers We are especially excited to announce that Signum Capital has joined Airbloc Protocol as a strategic investor! AIRBLOC is a decentralized personal data marketplace where individuals would be able to monetize their data, and advertisers would be able to buy these data to conduct targeted marketing campaigns. Design Team Lead PM & Co-founder Excellent question. A release reads: Since cleansing and processing of the large amount of data cannot be done on Ethereum, the tasks will be processed on Aero Network that uses ICON.

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Because of the problems with traditional data-brokerage services, the AIRBLOC team believes it can compete effectively against these companies.

Companies today are willing to spend millions of dollars acquiring and using personal data provided by users of apps and services. ABL is used as a currency unit for data trading, or to pay for data. Advisors to the team include JH Kim, Jason Han, Sean Lee, Sunjae Hwang, Louis Jinhwa Kim, Dorjee Sun, Ken J. Kim, Seo Wooseok, and Timothy Yang. (we promise we won’t send out spam or share your e-mail address with anyone else) In this video, ICO HUNCH shares his top 9 ICOs for June 2018. There is a risk that apps or users could provide fake data. All of these partnerships will lead to the use of the Icon network.

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During this process, through the use of blockchain technology, AIRBLOC also protects individuals’ data privacy, rewards Data Providers and provides full data transparency and traceability.

Since transactions on the AIRBLOC Data Marketplace are facilitated by smart contracts, it allows Users to earn direct revenues through data monetization. and advertisers would be able to buy these data to conduct This, they believe, will ensure the data provided is trustworthy and useful. In addition, the AIRBLOC network will rate users and provide a Personal Reputation Evaluation (PRE) based on contribution and participation. Dev Team Lead & Co-founder Hunjae Jung Because in order to participate in the data trading market, sufficient amount of customer data is needed.

Buy AIRBLOC Protocol ICO Whitelist

ABL ICO token is required to participate in AIRBLOC Network.

To prevent this problem, AIRBLOC will require apps to execute KYC on users and to hash users’ emails and phone numbers before providing data to the AIRBLOC network. Icon and Airbloc will be quite intertwined. Based on users’ preference configured, Airbloc ecosystem will allow a transparent trading of both data and ad exposures. However, users do not have control over the use of their data, and there is growing concern that these services have become a threat to privacy. AIRBLOC’s DAuth is a procedure that acquires approval from Users to sell their personal data. So, when Apps use DAuth, it creates legitimacy and transparency in data transactions.

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In addition, more than a certain amount of ABL is needed as a deposit for the refinery to refine the data.

This will allow them to refine the data into sub-categories that are useful to advertisers. Directly collected personal interests data that are below certain credit limit cannot be sold on Main Marketplace. A fully operational Airbloc Protocol would give users complete personal control of their data, including tracking and even selling their data to advertisers. ABL is a transferable ERC20 token, and AIR is a non-transferrable token belonging to Users, but can later be converted into ABL on a 1:1 ratio. Team: Good with vast experience in top reputable organizations in Korea. The AIRBLOC team believes this system will provide trustworthy data while at the same time properly compensating users. His list includes QuarkChain, OneLedger, Arweave, Fantom, Metronome, Liquidity Network, Essentia, Moonlight, and Airbloc. Smaller Apps with relatively less number of customer data compared to larger Apps cannot sell nor monetize their customers’ data as effectively.